Sunday, September 13, 2009

Oh I left this off by accident and I fugured I should include a picture with Kamryn and her daddy!!

So SHE'S HERE!!!!! My little Kamryn Kate was born on Friday Morning Sept 11 (hopefully she won't hate me for that, but maybe they will make it a national holiday and she will get school off!!) We had to be at the hospital at 4am, so you know I didn't sleep at all. So we get there and start all the checking in and paper work stuff, and the whole time I'm thinking please let this go better than Carson's, cause if not I'm done!! Well they hook me up to the machines and they tell me that they can't start the pitossin (SP) cause her heart rate wasn't accelerating and stuff so they had to wait for her to wake up in me and start moving around. Well they decided to break my water first to see if that would get it going. At like 7:20 they finally got to start the pitossin. Right before that I started having alot of contractions and each one was stronger than the last, they checked me and I was a 4. That meant epidural time. Well the anesthesaligist was in a c-section so we had to wait for him and then shift change happened with my nurses and so my new nurse came to check me and I was already a 7. By this time I am hurting bad but I didn't want to complain cause I thought I wasn't really even in labor and I was just being a huge baby, well I was and it was moving really fast. So when the nurse realized I was going that fast she got the anethesioligst in there and called my dr. Well I got my epidural and luckily he was awsome and would stop to let me have my contractions (which were now like every minute) So the nurse checked me right after the epidural and I was an 8 and sooooo not numb yet. I kept telling them I needed to push and they just said no just hold it and wait for your dr cause this baby is coming now. Well my dr gets there 15 min after my epidural and it's just starting to kick in, but I can feel way more than I want to. So my dr walks in, has me push twice and out pops her head, then when the next contraction came I pushed 2 more times and out she came!!! She was a chuncky little thing. She was 8lbs, 2oz, and 18inches long. Carson was 7lbs 3oz and 18.5 inches long so she's about a whole pound heavier!!! She is the sweetest thing and really only cries when u change her poopy diaper, she's eating great and is so mellow. She already so has Matt wrapped around her finger, and Carson isn't to sure what he thinks of her. One minite he is trying to share his food with her, then the next her is trying to head butt her. He's been acting out big time and just wants lots of extra attention and does NOT like that when people come over they didn't come to see him. I'm terrified to be left alone with them, but I will figure it out and he will get used to her!!!

This is me on the way to the hospital, my stomach was sooooo huge this time!!!

leaving the hospital

My littls Kamryn Kate has some big ol giant rosy cheeks

Carson pushing her in the swing, saying Weeeee!! And Carson showing us where her eyes and nose are, and let me just say Carson does NOT know how to be gentle!!!

I had SOOO much fun doing my little girls room. And Matt was so gret about all the projects I made him do for it, and all the messes. I made the bumper and her curtains which I'm surprised that they turned out because I'm not a very great sewer, we repainted some furniture white to match her crib, then we decided that the old knobs didn't look right so I ordered cystal knobs for her dresser (I LOVE THEM) then we put up bead board on her wall with her crib. I thought that it would be a pretty simple project, not really I didn't realize how much cutting and exact measurements that went into it so thanks Matt and my Dad for doing it!!! I love how her room turned out, and yes I painted my little girls room blue (it is aqua blue, but blue!!)