Tuesday, July 22, 2008

catching up

I don't have any excuses or even a good reason for not posting, other than I just didn't feel like it! Our little man has had quite the big last couple months, he learned to crawl at the end of June and has ben crazy ever since. He is a busy little guy. Up to this point I thought being a mom was really pretty easy, and kinda boring, oh how that thought has changed!! I can't keep up with his messes, and I can't get away from him either, he follows me everywhere. He like to play in the dogs water bowl, and tries to get the dogs bones, he thinks he can walk and pulls him self up on everything and walk around holding things, and sometimes he will let go and just fall flat on his back. He has hurt himself more in the past month than he has his whole life. But he has the funnest personality and is always smiling, laughing, and flirting with the ladies! He also LOVES to eat, and wants to eat our food and throws a fit when he sees us eating anything. I think I'm going to have to put him on a diet soon!!

Loves to oplay in his toy box

I just love this picture, it's just so Carson

After a long day of swimming on the 4th, I love that Matt and Carson have the same facial expression!

watching the fire works from the 4th on our balcony

My little crawling monster!

Before we lowered his crib this is how we would find him

the kid loves to eat lemons!!

eating h+is Gerber bitter biscuit, this is how I cook diner at night it keeps him entertained forever

What he looked like after eating an ice cream cone

eating an ice cream cone and loving it!