Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sorry it's a long one!!!

I just wanted to say I love my little man more and more every he is such a crack up, he has become the chattiest man, as well as quite the climber, if he can find a way to scale it, he's gonna!! He keeps me on my toes, and by the end of the day I am worn out, but I can't help but just love my little man, and I just love this picture!!!

So I had this ink pad stashed on Carson's bookshelf to stamp his hands and feet as he grows, well somehow he got a hold of it and when I wasn't looking stashed it in his crib, so I lay him down for his nap and I can hear him upstairs playing forever, after about 45 min I decide to go and see what he is doing in his crib well I walk in the room and I see all this black stuff everywhere. At first I think oh gross we had a blow out, but as I get closer to him it's not poop. He sees me and starts laughing and hands me this black ink pad. He was covered in it. the sheets were covered in it. For some reason my camera would not do it justice but here are a few pictures of it. Oh and yes it washed off

So here are a couple Easter pictures (only a couple months late) I could NOT get that kid to look at the camera, but he looked so dang cute!!!

This past weekend I took a quick girls trip with some girls. We had so much fun, getting crappy pedicures, shopping (see pic below of our damge), eating out, and driving without any kids in Kinsey's awsome minivan, she have all been converted to the thinking that minivans are mighty handy, we will never pass judgment again!! Keep in mind when you look at the pictures we only had about 5 hours of sleep (yeah we can talk for 31 hours straight), alot of junk food, and way to much girl talk so we started acting alittle like 13 year olds again! It was so much fun girls thanks for the wonderful weekend!!! And thanks to our husbands for taking the kids, it was good for them to get a piece of the action!!!!