Sunday, December 14, 2008


3 posts in 1 day, that is some kind of record!! We went to an ugly sweater party this weekend, and it made the line from "deck the Halls" really come alive for me "don we now our gay apperal. It was sooo fun!! Matt was very sad he won 2nd for the ugliest outfit!!! Thanks Charlie for the fun night!

I'm even embarrased to put this picture up, Matt's pants may look like scrubs but they are actually slacks AWSOME!!

Nikki and Aaron

Josh and Charlie

Jen Colin and baby Irie

Mike and Angela

Me and Bri ( we looked like school teachers from the 90's)

Jamie's wedding

Over thanksgiving my cousin Jamie got married. All the family was in town and after Thanksgiving dinner we all went over and set up for the reception, we turned on the music and had so much fun, even my grandma was dancing!!! It turned out to be such a beautiful wedding!!! Good luck Casey you've got your hands full!! j/k i love you jamie!!! SO here are a few pics from the wedding and the reception

All I want for Christmas is a box!!!

This picture is at the rebel game in carsons new rebel warm up's he looked like a real rebel fan!!! Mike and Angela this picture is for you!!!

How easy Carson is to please right now. We were at my parents house and they were putting up there tree, so we put Carson in the empty tree box and he played it that thing forever!! If only he could just be happy playing in a box forever!!!