Sunday, December 14, 2008


3 posts in 1 day, that is some kind of record!! We went to an ugly sweater party this weekend, and it made the line from "deck the Halls" really come alive for me "don we now our gay apperal. It was sooo fun!! Matt was very sad he won 2nd for the ugliest outfit!!! Thanks Charlie for the fun night!

I'm even embarrased to put this picture up, Matt's pants may look like scrubs but they are actually slacks AWSOME!!

Nikki and Aaron

Josh and Charlie

Jen Colin and baby Irie

Mike and Angela

Me and Bri ( we looked like school teachers from the 90's)

Jamie's wedding

Over thanksgiving my cousin Jamie got married. All the family was in town and after Thanksgiving dinner we all went over and set up for the reception, we turned on the music and had so much fun, even my grandma was dancing!!! It turned out to be such a beautiful wedding!!! Good luck Casey you've got your hands full!! j/k i love you jamie!!! SO here are a few pics from the wedding and the reception

All I want for Christmas is a box!!!

This picture is at the rebel game in carsons new rebel warm up's he looked like a real rebel fan!!! Mike and Angela this picture is for you!!!

How easy Carson is to please right now. We were at my parents house and they were putting up there tree, so we put Carson in the empty tree box and he played it that thing forever!! If only he could just be happy playing in a box forever!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I really hate blogging so the only time I do is when I have something exciting to post, which is what alot of you do too. So it really looks like we live these magical lives with vacations and birthday parties, and everyone is always smiling and happy. Well on Saturday I asked my friend Courtney to take a family picture of us for Chritmas cards. Matt HATES taking pictures and complains the whole time and does the strangest things in pictures. So this picture is of us arguing about having to take this picture. I'm trying to make the point that we are doing these pictures wether he wants to or not and the sooner he realizes this, quits goofing around, and smiles nice we can be done. And Courtney thinking she is sooo funny decides to capture this magical moment. So yeah we fight, we argue, we annoy each other (Matt says that all I ever say to him is that he is annoying!) and here is the proof!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Now that Carson is one I wanted to make a list of things we was doing, and his favorite things. So thats just a warning to you all so you don't have to continue, because everytime I write this stuff down i always misplace it, so now that it is in cyber world its there FOREVER!!! What a fun year it's been to be with this wild child that doesn't ever stop moving. He's always happy and loves to play, he should have had older sibilings, but his dad is pretty fun to play with so I guess he's ok with that!!!
~he started really walking last week hes so funny its like a drunken sailor. If he needs to get somewhere fast he still crawls, the kid is a speed deamon.

~ this kid loves to climb on or into anything. He also loves the dishwasher and loves to try to help me unload it.

~ he loves attevtion and thinks he is soooo funny
~ He has 5 teeth, and didn't get his first one til August
~lately Cars has become this supper chatty thing. Most of the time it's just mumbo jumbo but I have been able to pick out a couple words lik....
-ba ba (bottle)
-ba (ball) those two sound alot alike
-goggie (dog)
-hi (that's his favorite)
-buh bye, with the floppy hand wave
~for any of you that know Carson you know he LOVES to eat, he's not at all picky and eats usually everything but here are some of his favorites
peas, any kind of fruit, baby mum mums, water, ice cream, bread,and peanut butter and jelly sanwiches
~his favorite person is his Dad. Nevermind that I'm the one that takes care of him EVERY stinkin day, he would choose Matt over me anyday, it's kinda sad!
he's my boys on the way to Carson's first UNLV basketball game (notice the shirt, we start them young)

~he loves toys, books, baby einstein movies, his woobie (a litle blanket that has ribbon out the sides its a perfect take along blanket), and his binkie
~His favorite song is the theme song to "the Girlmore Girls" I love this show and it comes on everyday at 5, and no matter what kind of trouble he is getting into, or even if he is crying. He stops goes over to the tv and dances the whole time. It's so funny
~He loves to go out the doggie door, and has it down to a science he is quick

~his favorite time of the day is when he takes his baths. Since he is always so dirty it's sometimes twice, but he loves to play with his toys, and when we start to drain the tub and he's not ready to get out he goes over and pushes the thing back down so the water won't come out!!
~he loves to go up and down the stairs, a while ago my mom taught him how to turn around and go down them and let me tell you the kid is soooo fast
~he loves to play in our dog Stella's food. He like to stick his hands in the water, eat the dog food, and just dumo it everywhere. Atleast 4 times a day I dig dog food out of his mouth.

Happy Birthday Carson!!!

My little man is 1! I can't believe how fast it goes. Our families came over last night to celebrate with us. Carson had his very own cake that he LOVED, and he got lots of fun presents!!! He had no idea what was even going on, but he did love the balloons!!! Maybe next year he will get it!

playin with his cousins

Matts briother ryan and his family, Bri, Hannah, Emma, and Payton

opening presents, he had no idea what was even going on

loved his cake

messy messy boy!!

with chris and tammy

uncle scott

with his grandparents

Sunday, October 26, 2008

On Saturday night we went to my parents wards trunk or treat. It was so much fun lots of candy all the cute kids in there costumes, dinner and a haunted house (which my brother, his friends, my uncle, and my dad were in) my dad was the scary guy at the end chasing you with the chain saw! Fun night!!
Aaargh matie!!

Carson looks a little drunk there I guess thats good for the pirate image huh!!

The cute little Labrum family (jens camera is a little ghetto right now so you can use this pic)

One of Carsons future besties Austin

My cousin Allie and Cars-a-roni

2 of my favorite besties, Jen and Whitney