Friday, January 2, 2009

Well Christmas has come and gone. All the decorations are down at my house. I was really in the christmas decorating mood this year, but by the end of december it just felt like clutter. I did my annual trip to Tia Pan the day after christmas and got some really fun christmas decorations for next year!!(it gives me something to be excited about for next year) We had a grat Christmas we spent time with both our families, It is soooo nice having them both so close! We had great food and lots of fun presents like I got a kitchen aid mixer, we got wii, matt got a shotgun, carson got many many toys and we all got lots of clothes. Every year our parents both do the most amazing christmas's we love you guys and are so thankful for all you do!! The day after Christmas we went up to utah to my parents cabin and spent the weekend with my moms family, it wasn't the same without everyone that was gone (jordan, Brooke, Jordan, kristin, steve, and nicole) we missed you guys! I also came to the conclusion that I HATE the cold, I hate the snow too, Don't get me wrong it is very pretty to look at, but it is messy and cold, and slippery, and cold cold cold. I have decided I like las vegas it has been sooo beautiful here this week, i will remind my self of this come August!!! well here are a few picts from Christmas and a couple of carson's 1 year pics, I also need to give a shout out to my friend Courtney who did all these pictures she's not even a photographer, I was so proud of her, i love you Court!!

cars in one of his new christmas outfits

matt loves the packers and so my brothers decided to buy him this hat, they think they are really funny

he got this and a basketball hoop from my mom, the hoope he hasn't quite figured out yet, but me and matt are having alot of fun with it!!

the new wii (this is what we have been doing ALOT lately)

a little activity table from matts parents, even after its been set up his loves to climb up it and stand on top, lets just say he's been spending alot of time in his time out chair!! Naughty little boy!

Cars in his Christmas jammies