Thursday, November 22, 2007

New pictures

These are pictures from Friday, Saturday, and Today


It's Sunday so that means it's the end of the longest week EVER!!! We are so exhasted, emotionally and physically. Our lives pretty much relove around our trips to the hospital, and pumping every 3 hours to take the milk to the hospital. Well alot has changed since I last posted. Last night when we got to the hospital Carson had been moved to the level 2 nursery, which is wonderful. We walked into the NICU and my baby was gone. It gave me quite the scare!! Then the nurses kindly took me to the level 2 nursey across the hall. He is still sun bathing under the juandis lights. On Friday his jaundis got to a level 16 which is really high, and dangerous but now it's gone down to a level 11, hopefully when we go tonight it will be lower.
They took him completly off his oxygen as we were leaving this afternoon, hopefully he does good without it!! He started eating yesterday (through a tube)he's having a hard time dygesting it, but the doctors think he just needs time. Matt got to hold him today for the first time and they actually let us hold him for a long time. They switched him into the isolete bed (the kind that little primature babies go in) because he has figured out how to scoot around his other bed and off the juandis light so the nurses were constantly having to move him back to his spot, so in his new bed he can't go rolling everywhere and the juandis light is much bigger. So over all our little soilder has come along way and hopefully will be home very soon!!!

Baby Carson

Baby Carson finally arrives!! We got to the hospital at 7:30 Tues. morning, and after a pretty easy labor he was born at 5:13, he weighed 7lbs 3 oz, and was 18inches long. I had a placental abbrubtion and his lungs and stomach were filled with blood, so he was immediatley taken to the NICU because he couldn't breath. So for the next 15 minutes the doctor worked on me trying to get all the pieces out and all cleaned up. Matt went with the baby and he came back later and filled me in on everything. I had no clue what was going on and hadn't even really seen my baby. Like 2 hours later I finally got to go in and see him. It was so heart breaking to see him with all these tubes coming out of his body. He was making this little grunting noise trying to breath and it was just so sad. They let Matt and our Dads give him a blessing and even let me and our moms in (there can only be two people allowed at a time in there usually) We went to bed after that and the nurse came to wake me up at like 4:30 to say that he was doing alot better, he had stopped the grunting noise, and was down from 100% oxygen to 60%. I got to hold him yesterday for a minute, and I could have just held him all day long, he's such a sweet little boy and hopefully in the next couple days I can hold him again, and Matt can for the first time. His levels were better today and we are just waiting to hear from the doctor hopefully they will take him off the ventilator soon. Today he is just chillin under the jaundis lights today, so he is getting better they are just worried that he is going to get pnemonia so they are keeping a close eye on him. It was so hard to leave the hospital today with out my baby, it's been a super emotional week and I'm not embarrased to say I have been a total mess. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving but it's a pretty hard one. I will feel so much better when I have a healthy baby boy at home with his family.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Bri tagged me...
6 facts or habits about me

1.I have 3 big pet peeves
-unpainted toe nails
-when people don’t put the toilet paper on the roll
-really loud breathing (which I do now that I am big prego)

2. I love to cook, dinner, dessert, breakfast anything, but I hate to grocery shop

3. I can use a public bathroom without touching anything, Now that is a real talent

4. I love make-up, and I have a ton of it, I always think I need more and I like the expensive crap too. I love to walk through the make-up counter in the department stores, and look at all the new products.

5.My favorite thing is to take a shower. When I’m sad, mad, or just having a bad day I take a shower and instantly feel better. It’s the place that I go to clear my head.

6. I love noise, I always have to be talking, or the TV has to be on or the radio, there just has to be some kind of background noise.

I tag Whitney, Tara, Jen, and Kristen