Friday, March 13, 2009

So, I'm back and I am really going to try to be better at this. To be honest I haven't even gotten on the computer for a while to check the blogs, and Matt keeps me updated daily on the things that are going on in the blog world. That's right Matt checks the blogs almost daily!!! He keps me updated on all the gossip around the world, be it entertainment gossip, blog updates, or actual news, I do love that man!!! Matt has been on my case to post this for weeks so here it is I'M PREGNANT!!! I'm a little over 13 weeks now and am finally getting to feel like a normal person, my poor baby and husband who have had to deal with the barfing, and all day sickness, it's getting better and I think I'm over the scary stage so we are really excited!! This one was a bit of a surprise, I went to the doctor to start all the fertility stuff again, and they ran a whole blood work up, and a couple days later at 9:30 at night I get a phone call from my Dr. of course I miss the phone call and had to wait unitl the morning to find out what I was dying from (yes thats what I jumped to, why else does your dr. call that late, and I didn't even guess I was pregnant) well come to fing out I was only like 4 weeks along, so I wasn't getting to excited cause I'm a high risk for miscarriage, but everything looks good so i feel like I can finally let the news out!! I'm so thankful this happened all on it's own cause I just didn't have the stomach to do the fertility route yet again. So yeah there is our big news, Sep 15th is the big day, what a fun summer it's going to be for me!!!! Swimming everyday!!!!

I've even been a slacker on taking pictures of Carson. SO here are a few from the past couple months. This was the first and only picture where I have been able to see his cute little front teeth (Matt thinks they are kinda goofy looking)