Thursday, June 18, 2009

My internet is back up and running so I am back in buisness. We have been busy busy lately. We finally put in our backyard (it's been done for about 2 months) Matt has been so frusterated with me that I haven't posted pictures of it that he finally got the camera (to be honest I wasn't sure he new how to work the thing even) and went out and took some completed pictures of it. He was such a little hard worker out there every Saturday. It took alot of time, but it is so nice to have done. Carson spends ALL day out there, and we are even out there alot. We couldn't have done it without the help of Matt's dad, My dad and our brothers giving up there Saturdays to come dig trenches Thanks guys!
To update on the pregnancy I'm 28 weeks now, this is right when I started preterm labor with Carson so I'm so happy to say I'm feling good still. I can't beleive how BIG my stomach is I swear this is how big I was when Carson was born. I'm having so much fun getting all the girlie stuff and have been working on her room. Carson loves to kiss my belly when we say give the baby kisses. So I apoligize if he tries to lift your shirt up and kiss it, he thinks all girls have babies in there bellies!!

Last weekend we took Carson to see the ducks (his quack quack)this kid loves animals and has no fear of them. I thought they were scary, they came right up to you and a couple times I ran and hid in the car until they went away! yeah Matt made alot of fun of me, but Carson had a blast feeding them and watching all the birds.

Carson is such a daddy's boy and wants to do everything that Matt does. Lately Carson finds Matts big size 12 sandals outside, brings them in and walk around the house in them. He's pretty good at walking in them to I gotta say, I trip when I have to slide them on!!!!