Monday, September 24, 2007

My life

My older brother Jordan got married on September 15th in the Salt Lake Temple, to his fiancee Brooke. It was a beautiful wedding, or so I was told I was other wise engaged and could not make it. You might be wondering what could I possibly have been doing that was more important than going to own brothers wedding? Well take a look.........

Most of you probably know the story but here is a quick recap. We spent the night at my parents cabin in Parowen, our pit stop on our way to Salt Lake for the wedding. That night I woke up having a lot of contractions and labor pains again. I tried to go back to sleep in hopes that they would just go away. When I got up in the morning to get ready I was still having contractions and now I was bledding. So my Dad drove us to the hospital in Cedar City, where they hooked up monitors,IV's, and did a major check up, and took like a gallon of my blood. I was still having contractions like a minute and a half apart and they thought I was going to need an emergency c-section. Well the hospital in Cedar can't handle a baby that premature, so they called and ambulance and took me to St. George in it. Let me just say I wish that they would fix all the pot holes and bumps on that stretch from Cedar to St. George, because that would have made the ride a little bit more comfortable. Well they got me stabalized in St. George and I had to stay there until Sunday (so i missed the wedding) I am now on for real bed rest. The kind that I get to shower once a day, go to the bathroom, and come to the table to eat dinner. So keep me informed on all your lives becuase I have no connection with the outside world anymore, and it can get really boring! I just want to say thanks to my mom who takes care of me all day long, it's like she has a toddler at home with her that she has to do everything for!!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Catching Up

I know I am way past over due for a new post. Yes my life has been that dole that I couldn't think of anything to post. I was put on modified bed rest last week, which means I have to take it kinda easy. I guess my long working hours and my nonstop busy body personality finally caught up to me and my bpdy is saying SLOW DOWN LADY!! My doctor had me take the week off work and wants me to quit until I have the baby, I had one week off and I am already bored, I don't know what I would do until December. I'm going back to work tommorow and just really cutting back on my hours. So I pretty much just hang out now. We did find out that we are suppose to close on our new house by the end of the month, so that is always good.Talk about when it rains it ours huh. Our house actually is ahead of schedule, I didn't think that ever happened. We have been living at my parents house since the beggining of April and they have been really good sports. I know they are gonna miss us when we leave, we keep it exciting there!!! j/k So I put some pics of our house over the past few months.