Friday, June 13, 2008

My friend Megan did Carson's 6 months pictures. He was so fun and so good! I am having the hardest time choosing ones for my house. Thanks Megan I love, love, love, ya!

Family pictures

When Chase got home rom his mission while we had everyone in town we did big famliy pictures. All the boys were brats the whole time, they did nothing but complain, but we still got some good ones. I love my family so much we all grew up together and were raised more like brothers and sisters than cousins. We hung out everyday during the summer, all holidays and just about every chance we got. We always lived so close together until my aunt moved then my grandma but we all still see eachother alot and love the time we get to spend!

with the great-grandkids

My grandma and grandpa with all the grandkids

The whole family

Nicole lovin on Carson

My cousins Nicole and Kristin Two of my very best friends!