Sunday, November 22, 2009

C's birthday

Carson had the greatest birthday. He went to the park and played with his friends, went to lunch grandma, then had all his family over for dinner and cake. He got the funnest presents, and had so much fun playing with his cousins. Him and Allie sat and played with the left over cake (the black wheel) and where covered in black frosting. Happy birthday Carson!


Pike's Place said...

I cant believe he is 2 already! Yikes! AND even more so I cant believe you have 2 kids! Stop growing up so fast and slow down so i can try to catch up!!!jk Im glad you have kids that one day maybe will either date my children or babysit them? or bully them? (i hope not) :(

Adventures in Healing said...

I love the black lips! And all the 'classic' toys. Cars is such a funny boy. He needs to come over here and play. He's exactly between Keller and Kyle's ages...and trust me, Kyle wouldn't let him pick on him. He'd give him a piece of his mind.
Oh...and don't you LOOOove the terrible twos? I just was going back and rereading blog posts from last year, as in right after Keller turned two. Oh my heck. I am dreading this year with Kyle turning 2.

Julia said...

Haha, that's funny pictures. Look that they really enjoyed the moment.

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