Sunday, November 22, 2009

My little man turned 2. Can't believe it!! Well here is a little bit about Carson. He is 35 in. tall (50-75%) and weighs 25.10 (10-25%) skinny little guy! He has the funnest personality ever. He has more energy than any one person should have. He doesn't stop talking ALL day long, some things only i can understand but hes getting better! He loves animals and knows every what every single animal is and the sounds they make. Right now his fav is zebras??!?!?
-ALways being goofy with his dad

-i think he like his sister. He always asks about her and loves to hold her and give her kisses he just doesnt want anyone else to do it!

Carson got a swing set for his birthday from my parents and us and he swings from the time he wakes up till he goes to bed.

we are soooo in the terrible 2's! gotta love throw yourself on the ground tantums

-he thinks this is a cool smile. We tried to teach him to say cheese and smile big for the camera and this is what we get!!!

-LOOK ME IN THE EYE. One day Carson was in time out (where he spends ALOT of time) and i was trying to talk to him and he wouldn't look at me, so i said you look at me in the eye. He got this really serious look on his face and put his eye right up to mine. So know we make him do it all the time, what a goofy boy!!! Thats C looking his dad in the eye!

-he loves tractors, buses, motorcyles, boats, and trucks. And if he sees one he will yell TRACTOR TRACTOR TRACTOR until i say "yeah I see the tractor"

-Carson LOVES to play with friends and his cousins (cousins in the pic) He really likes older kids, and sometimes is a bully to the younger ones (we r working on it)


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