Monday, November 9, 2009

So I just love my sweet little girl!!! She is so good and such a great sleeper, she sleeps about 7 hours straight (thank goodness)!! She started smiling last weekend,and it's the cutest thing. She still looks just like Matt, and I promise she will grow into those eyes, they are huge. She looks alot like Carson when he was that age, which I didn't think so until I compared there pictues. Carson is getting better with her and secretly likes her alot. He won't let my Mom hold Kamryn ever though. And he doesnt like to share all his baby things with her, so it's ma work in progress. I put some pictures up from Kamryn's blessing, my cousin Nicole's wedding, Halloween (Carson is old McDonald, and would not let me take a picture of him, and Kamryn is a chicken, and just a whole bunch of random ones.


at the pumkin patch

Kamryn's blessing

Family pictures


Kathryn e. said...

Thanks for updating! I love the family pictures. Kamryn is beautiful and seriously looks so much like her big brother!

Lindsey said...

Look at you and your beautiful little family! I love all the pictures! You look so the bangs! And how are you so stinkin skinny after baby so fast!?!?! I seriously cannot wait to meet your darling Kamryn when I come home for Christmas! tell her to save a smile for me! Love ya

Theresa Rodriguez said...

I love the pictures. Espeically the one of Kamryn smiling while she is asleep. she is so precious. You have one adorable family!!!

Russ & Nicole said...

SO cute Kate! I love them! Thanks so much for being there for us on our special day. I love ya so much! Can't wait to see you guys soon!! Give Carson and Kamryn a big hug from me.

The Bunkers said...

Hey Katie... Your family is just precious!!

Dusty Star said...

I came across your blog through the 'next blog' click.

What a delightful post. I actually laughed out loud at some of your commentary on the photos. (Look at me in the eye really was cute and funny).

I hope your family is doing well. I enjoyed your post.


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